CDK DASH Menu Link

CDK DASH Menu Link

Faster Transactions to Make More Money.

CDK DASH Menu Link, powered by Maximtrak, is an industry-leading, fully integrated F&I suite and the preferred solution for top names in the industry concerned with compliance and measurable and sustainable profit lift. With Menu Link, the F&I retail experience is transformed with interactive menus, e-rating, sales tools, videos, customer surveys, executive reporting, electronic contracting and so much more. Our comprehensive solutions streamline the entire process for F&I Managers, Dealer Principals, and the customer. The result is faster transactions that are more enjoyable, more accurate, and more profitable.

Our Features Include:


Provides the applications you need to present a customized product selection and manage your F&I departments. It can help reduce your transaction times and improve customer satisfaction.


Streamline your contracting processes and reduce the time, cost and errors associated with paper contracts.


This system is the most complete reporting solution available in the industry. Make smarter business decisions with instant access to critical data and reports.


Enhance and simplify your customers' buying process with videos, product recommendations, package options and more. Touchscreen and tablet technology puts customers in control with the swipe of a finger.