CDK DASH Time Clock

Monitor Employee Attendance Accurately and Efficiently

New CDK DASH℠ Time Clock is here

With CDK DASH℠ Time Clock, dealership employees can punch in or out through a simple Web application. Employers can manage employee information related to time, overtime, departments, roles and pay cycles. Most importantly, it offers a user-level login that keeps user and administrator levels separate and secure.

User area

The simple user interface allows employees to punch in or out through a secure Web login. 

Administration area

This powerful and secure application gives you full control of employee information and work hours. An administrator can:

  • Set employee departments and roles, and even define defaults
  • Enable and disable Web clock in/out on specific PCs
  • Define “reasons for clock out” and “be back” options
  • Set overtime parameters
  • Manually adjust punch in/out times

Dealership benefits

  • Payroll Plus® integration
  • DASH application integration
  • Technician labor cost tracking
  • Real-time employee punctuality data
  • Flexible pay cycles and pay rates for various users
  • Error-free automatic time calculation

Activation requirements

CDK DASH Time Clock requires dealerships to activate this feature. We can assist you in this process. Just click below.