CDK DASH Tech Link

Communication is Key for Fixed Ops Efficiency


With CDK DASHSM Tech Link, Fixed Ops personnel can stay in constant communication. Service Advisors can now easily schedule or assign jobs to Technicians in a live queue environment.

Service Advisor benefits

  • Stay up to date with status notifications of each and every job
  • Assign and track work to the job level and see all Tech-assigned work in one place – no more misplaced work orders floating around
  • Quickly access and track each job’s progress for easy communication with the customer without ever leaving your workstation
  • View each Tech’s availability in the calendar grid, allowing for a more efficient shop load
  • Track and record Tech time digitally to satisfy OEM compliance

Tech benefits

  • Techs can receive detailed repair order (RO) information, quickly clock in and out on jobs, as well as request and receive additional work authorization and parts – all from their convenient Tech Queue
  • No more Techs standing at the Service or Parts counter, waiting on jobs or parts
  • Techs are automatically notified of new jobs and when parts requests have been fulfilled
  • The Parts department is electronically notified of requests and can contact the Tech when the parts are ready for pickup

Get the job done right with digital efficiency

CDK DASH Tech Link lets you fill Parts requests electronically with accurate, digital RO details. Enhanced communications between key personnel minimize the time it takes to assign, track and complete work – all while providing a higher level of customer service that can lead to increased profits.